Reflection, achievements and learning 2011

1. I met heaps of new people and made new friends.
2. I survived the year 7 camp at the start of the year with its unusual food.
3. My touch football team was undefeated until the finals but had lots of fun.
4. I enjoyed different activities like sacred heart day.
5. I enjoyed using new technology and getting my own laptop.

1. I am now in grade 5 for piano

2. I got a well balanced mark for each of my subjects.
3. I learnt lots of new maths and moved up into the second highest maths class.
4. I got through all of my assignments and handed them in on time
5. I got a second ribbon for freestyle in swimming and other ribbons for other races in the athletics carnival.
6. I used lots of different types of technology that I hadn't used before and used them well.
7. I joined orchestra.
8. I did public speaking.

English -
1. How to write persuasively.
2. What a soap opera is.
3. How to write an essay.

Science -
1. How to separate different mixtures.
2. About the water cycle, grey water and black water.
3. About classification

French -
1. How to greet someone
2. How to talk about your personality in french.
3. About different verbs.

1. how to sew.
2. How to design something
3. Different technology like illustrator.

L2L -
1. how the brain works
2. About wiki spaces
3. About cyber bullying

History -
1. what it is.
2. About Egyptian women.
3. About Mummification.

Geography -
1. About latitude and longitude
2. Cultural Heritage sites
3. What it is.

Art -
1. How to use photoshop
2. How to make etchings.
3. How to use stop motion.

Music -
1. About the values of different notes and rests.
2. About different types of music.
3. About different instruments

What is would have,liked to learn more about is the different programs on our computer. I would have also liked to learn how to touch type.

My Goals

My Goals for 2012
1. To make more friends at KRB.
2. Do more extra curricular activities at KRB.
3. Learn how to touch type.
4. How to make a video and edit it on my laptop.

I believe that I didn't achieve all my goals for 2011 but lots of them. Two of the goals that I completed doing was making new friends and learning about different programs on my computer.